3 Ways To Set Apart Your Infomercial

  1. Spice Up Your Set: Your paying for this thing so put your flavor on it. If your infomercial is about a medical spot, bring along posters of your doctors. If your infomercial is about your restaurant bring along some of your dishes. Does your company have a specific color scheme that customers recognize, incorporate it into the set. All of these little tips can help you to build up the value that your infomercial will provide by setting it apart.
  2. Professional Talent: It’s important to have professional talent in your infomercial. You don’t have to make every person a paid actor, but having at least your host or a crucial person be a professional helps to elevate your piece. The reason being that their training allows them to respect the pace of the infomercial. You don’t want to be stagnant, but you also don’t want to nervously run through your content in 30 seconds. A professional mouth piece helps to set the time and give the appropriate depth to topics of importance.
  3. CALL to ACTION: That one isn’t in caps by mistake. If you’re not calling to an action in your infomercial you’re better off taking the money you spent and sticking it under your mattress. It is essential to have a strong call to action be central to your production. Another important tip is to offer incentives in that call to action. Don’t be the call me now for a free consultation guy! Congrats everyone and their mother is giving away free consultations. Talk to us about advice you’ll give us, a limited offer, or even a gift that we’d get if we took the desired action.

Those are just a few ways to make sure your infomercial sticks in people’s minds!


Dr. Marketing