Call to Actions make or break marketing campaigns. You can read about them in a thousand different contexts or with a million different definitions, but I like to explain them as the sentence that can force someone to take an action. This can be an irresistible offer, a fear causing scenario, or so many other things the only importance is it’s ability to force you to act. To illustrate, I’ll list a product and a few different calls to action that can apply to it.

A Tax / Accounting Software “Save hundreds when tax season comes around with our software” “Never mistrack another dollar again with our software” “Our software will increase your sales by 500%” “Without our software, kiss that sales growth target goodbye” “Buy our software and get 1 year of free premium support” “Buy now and save 10% on the software your company needs”

Hundreds of different ways to mount a call to action, but all of them are meant to drive your sale. It is imperative that you never forget to include a call to action in your business card, mail pieces, radio/tv ads, and anything else you do within your marketing. Without a call to action, your sales will remain a tiny fraction of what they could be.