Digital Strategies

Your digital presence in this market is incredibly important. If you don’t take impeccable care of it, competitors can be lapping you in every competition. The Business Clinic dedicates itself to ensuring your digital presence is strong, solid, and winning every step of the way. Check out our many offerings below.

Google Adwords:

This tool is as powerful as the very search engine that developed it. You’ve heard about companies that do google ads. It’s true a lot of companies help you with Google Ads, but they can’t even begin to compete with TBC. We pride ourselves with the fact that our digital department spends countless hours fine tuning campaigns. Ensuring that your money is being properly invested in leads that matter, because if the leads aren’t good neither is your marketing team.

YouTube Ads:

The ads that play before YouTube Ads can be drawing attention to your business. Whether you’re a fan of the skippable 30 second ad or the un-skippable 15ers, these ads make a very strong impact weaving through the viewers you target on the content they care about most. Couple them with a Google strategy for an incredible campaign.

Facebook Ads:

You hate how much time you spend on it and that frankly is for a very good reason, Facebook has billions of members. That’s not something many other companies can say about themselves. Facebook puts you on the ground floor with customers in between the content that they themselves have selected. The very fabric of Facebook helps our team get your ads where they need to be. You’ll love our campaigns and your fans will love you.

Website Construction:

Our firm offers a team of dedicated programmers and web developers that can create everything from a landing page that captivates a client’s attention to a main site that leaves your clients begging for a meeting with you. The specialty that has brought our firm pride throughout the years, is the ability to ensure that every page is focusing strongly on the objective which is driving a sale.

Digital Strategies
Digital Strategies
Digital Strategies


Digital Strategies
Digital Strategies
Digital Strategies

Site Hosting:

Our firm offers hosting for sites built by our techs. We have over 1 Terrabyte of storage capacity on our combined servers and can offer you an affordable location to set up your projects or even keep multiple websites.

Landing Pages:

Our world class landing pages make sure you’re capturing the info that matters to you. Whether your radio or tv campaign is sending over traffic or you just want to pick leads up from google ads, the landing pages we design give you over 10% sign ups every-time. Don’t forget to ask about our hosting and e-mail services when you sign up.

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