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Google is a great way get clientele for your business. Whether you are a service based or goods based business, you can get clients to line up at your door. IMPORTANT: I’ll give you a few tips on how to make your Google campaigns more effective, but keep in mind that like anything in marketing these campaigns are more effective when managed by professionals like the ones that we have on staff at our firm. 

  1. Tell us exactly what you’re offering us. The clearer you lay out the benefit the better. This drives genuinely valuable traffic into your site. A lot of people will measure their success by conversion rates. Any professional can tell you a much better test of legitimate success is how long these leads stay in your site and if they perform the desired action whether it be a sale, a contact, or even submission of an e-mail address. Don’t be misled by your campaign having a huge click through rate, because you misled your audience this will only handicap your future marketing efforts. You should always clearly communicate so that the clickers are your target or at least closely related.
  2. Link us straight into what we want not what you want. Don’t be lazy about your links. There is a reason that you are allowed to ad a link on every individual ad. Make sure to have the end result of a click be the place the clicker sought. It is tempting to link straight to your contact form, to a product for sale, or another site link of immediate use. Instead it is best to link them according to the ads call. If you are offering informations like this site for example then we link to the specific article that addresses our ad topic. Otherwise you would’ve already left in a disgruntled hurry.
  3. Ensure your website is content driven. If a human body where nothing but bones a doctor would surely say that’s a problem. Well allow me as your marketing doctor, the pleasure of telling you the same applies to your site. If your site simply has home, services, and contact us available you will still make sales, but the potential sales you miss out on are massive. Your only sales would be based on people you already sold and are visiting your site, people that already understand their need and simply wish to purchase, and those that didn’t quite do their homework before buying. On the contrary, a site with educational information, interactive content, and other resources can attract many the more unlikely customer. Your ads work better if they link into a site with that content emphasis.

Whatever your aim in marketing with Google Ads these three tips are sure to give you more bang for your buck. If you’re interested in a Google Ad Campaign please contact us via the links on our page and receive a 10% discount if you answer 3 correct questions about this article!


Always a pleasure,

Dr. Marketing