#1 Digital Billboard Bonanza

{For All Businesses}


A spot on a digital billboard on a major highway (I-75, 826, 836, 112). The boards give your business huge coverage as traffic and rush hour gives you hundreds of thousands of onlookers. This special deal requires no contract or additional costs. Just pick your board, get your design from our team, and get thousands of people to see your business on this bright digital billboard. Call us to get you set up today!

#2 Que Riko Con Kiko

{For Restaurants}


A 2 minute segment at your restaurant. The host Kiko films himself visiting and cooking a popular dish from your place. The segment and 2 :15 spots run during the 5am and 6am news broadcasts on Telemundo. The most watched network in the hispanic media market of South Florida.

#3 AmericaTV Product Integrations

{For All Businesses}


Integrations are an excellent way to advertise because the product is feature inside the actual programming. In these integrations, we are offering America TV’s Happy Hour (7pm) or TN3 (9pm) with the star of any of these shows to act live in your integration to promote your product. Call now to discuss the creative for your work and how you can benefit from this epic deal.

#4 The Perfect Radio Ad

{For All Businesses}


Radio ads are a long process. With TBC, a radio commercial is a representation of your company’s dedication to perfection and we certainly treat it that way. With creative pouring over your commercial script to ensure it exceeds all expectations, our professional voices recording multiple takes, and expert techs editing each commercial with all of their attention. Now’s your chance to get one at an incredibly low price.


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