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Creative Director

With years of experience on campaigns, Tony founded TBC to bring all of the creative ingenuity that his candidates enjoyed over to the world of private business. His passion for delivering top quality campaigns makes him fun to work with.

The Team + Clients


Sales Manager

Few people can claim to have the level of dedication that Chary brings to TBC. She is always early and leaves late from her seat at the helm of the sales department. What makes her different is her ability to sell what is right for a client not just what is right for sales goals.

The Team + Clients


Print Director

From her days knocking on business doors to a full fledged print department that Maria has developed there is nothing that can be said to question her integrity. She works hard to give great value to clients, while always diversifying our product line.

The Team + Clients


Web Master

Stas is a one of a kind chap that offers solutions not products. He always backs himself with ample research before making recommendations that are effective and efficient, that’s probably why our clients love him so much.

The Team + Clients


Graphics Chief

Going where graphics chiefs have seldom gone before. Karelsy can be seen in the boardroom overseeing projects or on her desktop putting her own touch on a project. Her dedication is unrivaled and we are proud to have her on our team.

The Team + Clients


Social Media

Creativity often comes to her from an inspiring chat with a client or maybe it’s just her Shamrock Shakes, we aren’t completely sure but we know that her social media campaigns are second to none.


The Team + Clients
The Team + Clients

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